9.30 "If the Static Clears" released after raising $13,000 on Kickstarter!

"Gabrielle Louise is eclectic, eccentric, seductive, flexible, literate and a plethora of other descriptive adjectives that pertain to music and creativity and yet there is no pinning down this woman, no way to sum her up in one word.  She manages to blend seemingly disparate styles of music and lyrics into a captivating blend...a homogenous mix of folk, bluegrass, and jazz...Her voice is going to make time stand still in that it is full, rich and has great nuance in it...A beautifully crafted disc in every possible way that will keep you entertained as well as shining for long periods." (Bob Gottlieb/NO DEPRESSION)

Tedx Performance and Talk

Last Release (2013)

Gabrielle Louise - The Bird in my Chest

The Bird in my Chest

Release Date: August 2013   

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